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About Me

Hi, I'm Ashley! My greatest passion is empowering women through their clothing.
With a business degree from Sam Houston State University and ten years of experience in the fashion and customer service industry, I am blessed and grateful to be able to help boost women's confidence every day. 
I often speak to groups on how to make the most out of their wardrobe and have been featured several times on KPRC's Channel 2 Houston Life & ABC 13's Check This Out Houston. 
From a very early age, I've battled with my weight. In middle school, I walked on a treadmill and ate salads to stay trim, while other kids enjoyed their chicken finger baskets and never gained a pound. Didn't do a lot for the ego, let me tell you. 
Fashion didn't always come so naturally me--I was self-conscious about certain parts of my body and didn't feel great in my skin or the clothes I would wear.
Luckily, I had a mom who taught me the importance of finding a great-fitting piece of clothing and how it can completely change your image and self-confidence. 
Of course, my mother asked all kinds of questions that at the time seemed annoying: Do you need it? Is it comfortable? Is it flattering? Do you love it? And my mother's all-time favorite: Are you SURE? 
 Though her practicality killed me, she was the one who molded me into the efficient and knowledgeable stylist I am today. 
Working in retail taught me the art of styling a cohesive outfit and the gift and passion I had for creating them. It was there I realized the dire need for wardrobe styling when I saw the daily and constant struggle women have with finding an outfit that did more than "just fit." Not long after, Ashley Kahn, Wardrobe Stylist was born! 
With every styling session, I find solutions made just for you and your unique, individual preferences. Without judgment, I listen and evaluate wardrobe needs and give honest and beneficial feedback. I create beautiful outfits that will make you feel confident and self-assured, as well as comfortable and attractive.
In short? I love what I do and I’m excited to help you rediscover your style!
Ashley Kahn Wardrobe Stylist Branded Film
Ashley Kahn, Wardrobe Stylist

Ashley Kahn Wardrobe Stylist Branded Film