2017 Holiday Party Outfits: The Only 4 Things You Need.

If you are like most people, you are probably just now realizing you have a ton of Christmas parties coming up. The season seems to have snuck up on you somehow and all of a sudden there's a work party, a friend's party, a co-Workers party...... and now there is a slight panic setting in.....you're thinking to yourself, what on earth am I going to wear to all of them? It's crunch time. But what outfit do you wear that's festive and yet still appropriate for the occasion? What is the perfect holiday look that's still professional for the office party? Or the house party that's nice but not black tie? There's always the worry of being too fancy and over doing it....or worse, not dressing up enough. I totally get it. Luckily, this years 2017 holiday trends make it easy and I've got 4 simple steps for the perfect holly jolly look for any and every party you have coming up. (As well as already made outfits for you to choose from!!!)

1. Start with the Party Pant.

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This season is all about your pants and they are in one word: fabulous. Velvet, sequins, jacquard patterned, leather, and satin are just some of the few. Never has their been a winter season with more to choose from.