How to Layer for a Houston Fall

I remember it was August 1st this year when people all over social media started posting about drinking pumpkin spice lattes, frolicking in cool weather, choosing costumes for Halloween, and yes, even getting ready for Christmas. Here in Houston, we get excited about fall extremely early which is unfortunate for us, since in actuality our fall doesn't really start until November. We still want to embrace all of our fall feelings though and dress the part. Cozy sweaters, leather jackets, scarves....and then we's October. It's 75 degrees outside. We can't... or can we? What if there was a way to layer for our Fall weather and not die of a massive heat stroke? A way to look and feel fall-esque while sipping hot cocoa and making our Christmas lists? Fear not fellow Texans, because I'm sharing 5 different ways to be outfitted for our Houston weather that will have you feeling cute, cool, and festive.


Sweaters. They are very cute to look at but oh so very hot to wear. How on earth do you pull one off in Houston when you're not in a cold air conditioned building? Luckily, a big trend right now is the crocheted sweater, which is perfect for letting a breeze blow in and out on the skin. Also, getting a cropped sweater, like the one below, has less fabric that would keep you hot and sweaty. Pair this cropped, crocheted sweater with the very trendy midi dress. Add a belt and layer over the sweater, half tucking the hem into the belt. Now it looks like you're wearing a skirt. Totally transforms this dress into something brand new! Say you do get warm? Just pop off the sweater and rock this look with the taller ankle boot, the must-have boot of the season, and still be seasonly appropriate!

P.S- Petite women, you can wear this too! Order a petite and make sure to wear a belt and keep it high! It elongates your legs and proportions everything out. (I know because I'm 5'3")