How to Easily Put Together Gorgeous Holiday Outfits

The holiday season is officially upon us! Which means gifts to buy, decorating to do, and parties to plan and attend. With so much to think about and do this season, planning outfits for parties can be an anxiety-filled endeavor. Well not this year, my friends; I have the solution. The easiest way to put together outfits for the season? Let the accessories do the work for you. A sparkly necklace, a sequined bag, or heels in a festive color can turn favorite basic pieces in your wardrobe into party-ready attire. And the right purchased pieces will be able to easily circulate throughout your wardrobe to create entirely new looks! But what’s “in” this season and how can it be incorporated with clothing you already own? Let me share my top 4 favorite trends for Holiday 2016 and some simple ideas for pieces (that are probably already in your closet!) you can wear them with.


Luxurious and bold, this rich fabric just screams fabulous!! From shoes to handbags, you’ll be seeing velvet on everything this season. It’s my top pick this year for holiday wear!

*All pieces from White House Black Market*