How to Wear Sequins & Sparkle Anytime, Anywhere.

There used to be a day when sequins were only adorned for New Years Eve parties, holiday gatherings, and special evening celebrations. Restricting our sparkling and shining attire to non-frequent and very specific events and forcing us to store our eye-catching and dazzling pieces to the back of our closets for 90% of the year. Then the year 2018 came along, and we said, NO MORE. No more shall sparkle be dulled. Sequins, glitter, and shine were declared for anytime, including day time. Sounds shocking, I know, but who am I to question the designers/fashion big wigs who decided that it be so? Although the real puzzler for most people is HOW to actually wear sequins/sparkle in everyday attire. I've put together several looks with a classic cut pencil skirt covered in sequins that is sure to impress and keep you on trend all year long.

Pattern Mixing: Floral

Pattern mixing is bigger than ever this year, with floral as one of the most popular prints to mix, match, and get funky with! This year, the bolder the better! Along with the sparkle, sequined pieces also have a sort of pattern of their own, so I then paired the skirt with this reversible top from White House Black Market. One side is floral and the other side is leopard, so you can wear it either way! What I really love is how the leopard peeks out on the floral side! Below is a great going out look, but add a lower heel and a red, black, or pink blazer, and you could easily go to a luncheon, brunch, or baby shower!

Personal Stylist in Dallas TX shares how to wear a sequin skirt