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Take your style to the next Level

As a personal stylist, I hear from women daily about the stress, overwhelm, and doubt that plays a huge role when attempting to shop for and style outfits for work, fun nights out, important events, travel, and casual weekends. There's the doubt of which stores to shop at, what to buy, what styles flatter their figure best, and the frustration of curating a versatile, effortless, wardrobe that is tailored to their unique personal style AND gives them electric confidence. Style starts to feel completely impossible. No matter how hard they try, they continuously experience lack luster outfits, poor purchase decisions that waste money, and tons of time and energy lost trying to do it all, with nothing in their closets to show for it. Does this sound familiar? If it does, know that you are not alone. I'm here to tell you that there is an easy way to completely eliminate the struggle of owning an epic personal style and three reasons why it's time to take your style to the NEXT LEVEL today.


Are you the same woman you were 5 years ago? 2 years ago? I can tell you for a fact I'm a totally different person today than I was from even one, short year ago! As we are constantly growing, changing, and evolving into the woman we are meant to be, there's a dynamic inward change taking place. Is that change being reflected in your appearance? Does your personal style say exactly who you are and what you are all about, without having to utter a word? The way we present ourselves makes a serious impact on other people, how they interact with us, and us them. Taking your style to the next level means you're ready to be taken more seriously, respected and appreciated by others for how far you've come and the powerful woman you are today!

Cindy, a recent client of mine, reached out for my personal styling help after graduating from med school and opening up her own practice! At Archway Family Medicine, Cindy provides direct primary care with no co-pays, no wait time, and no insurance needed. Between networking, giving talks, and wanting to look professional but also warm and inviting to her patients, Cindy knew she needed to be taken more seriously and amp up her personal style with my professional help! Mission accomplished! Check out that confident pose!!


How much time and energy is wasted shopping for an outfit to come back home empty handed with nothing to show for it? How many outfit breakdowns have you had in your closet before work or a fun night out that have have put you in a stressed, anxious, or terrible mood? These stresses may seem trivial to some, but if you have experienced it, (like I have!) you know that it's no laughing matter. Wardrobe breakdowns cause serious stress and anguish to ourselves as well as others around us. How much more time for family and fun would you have if you weren't spending so much time in your closet, online, or at the mall? Imagine what having a virtual Style Lookbook app--(think of it like Cher's wardrobe in Clueless!) that makes knowing what to wear, how to wear it, and when to wear it instant and effortless. Pre-planned, cohesive, stylish outfits ready in just seconds for any occasion--including packing lists for traveling! It's a total life game changer for preserving your valuable time, energy, and mood! This what I do daily for clients with my NEXT LEVEL styling service. Check it out below!

Above is an example for what I created in my own virtual Style Lookbook for my upcoming engagement photoshoot! Having pictures of all the pieces I own in my virtual personal closet, I was able to style a stunning looks for cherished photos that will last a lifetime. This is what I do for my Next Level Styling clients so that they save time, energy, stress--all while looking fabulous for any occasion!