The 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Piece of Clothing

As a stylist, I can sum up my mantra with a simple math equation. Here it is: Versatility=Value. That’s not math you say? Maybe not, I barely passed college algebra. Guess it’s a good thing I work with clothes for a living. This might not be real math, but I can guarantee when it comes to your wardrobe, it will save you both real time and money. It is the single most important concept when it comes to owning a simplified and easy to manage closet that ALSO has endless outfit options. Sound like a paradox or perhaps like maybe I’m living in some alternate parallel universe? #Realitycheck – it’s totally possible. Nerdy math geek? No. Nerdy Sci-Fi Geek? YES. Didn’t think nerds could give style advice did you? Well, consider your mind blown, and allow me to now show you the path to Style Enlightenment. ;)

You paid for the clothes in your closet with your hard earned dollar. Are they doing their job? Living up to their full potential? You should be wearing those pieces out; getting as much use out of each component of your wardrobe as possible. The best way to determine a piece of clothing’s value is to first determine how versatile it is. I’ll do my best to make it a whole lot easier than it was to find the value of x in Mr. Stewart’s Algebra 101 class.

Closet Stylist in Houston, TX

Taking the same top to the office (above) to a happy hour or dinner out (below) with friends!