The Best Way to Clean-Out your Closet in 2018

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New Year, New You. We all know the phrase because it's literally everywhere right now. Whether it's eating healthier or kicking old habits, the New Year is a great time to get motivated. I believe, however, there is an absolutely crucial task that must be done to make our lives stress-free for 2018, and it's the closet clean out. Some people may hear these words and would be happier to start the Whole 30 diet sooner than stepping into their wardrobes for a detox. While yes, it seems like a frightening task, the scarier truth is that overstuffed closets are one of the biggest wastes of time, sanity, and energy. Surprisingly enough, a closet with an abundance of clothes is the reason why we never seem to have anything to wear. You'd think it would be the opposite right? The truth is that too many clothes in a closet blocks vision and confuses our brains, so much that the owner would sooner buy more clothing than have to deal with it. If this is you, believe me, you are not alone. I help people everyday in their wardrobes and today I'm going to share with you the absolute best and most efficient tips to cleanse your wardrobe for 2018.

1. Start with Shoes First

I say this because many closets have a large build up of footwear accumulating on the floor. The ground should be free of all clutter before purging any clothing (As well as for day to day life!). Get rid of any uncomfortable or worn shoes and keep only what you love. Put the rest on the shelving already in your closet or on shoe racks. Toss the hanging canvas/cloth shoe holders!! These take up precious closet space and are evil! Here is a link to my favorite ways to store shoes.