The Perfect Summer Shorts If You're Over 30

At even the mention of the word "shorts," I've seen women's facial reactions range from disdain and disgust to even fear and loathing. To many, the thought of donning a pair is just simply out of the question, which is odd considering shorts are both practical and logical when dealing with the killer Houston heat. They alleviate the constant worry of exposing one's self to the world, like a dress may accidentally do. So what is it about this piece of clothing that makes it so unpopular for women who are 30 and older? There are tons of misconceptions and myths around shorts. So let's set the facts straight while I share my secrets to finding and styling the perfect pairs of shorts that will keep you cool (in more ways than one) all summer long.

Personal Stylist in Houston, Texas shares best shorts of the summer

Misconception #1:

Shorts are only appropriate for teenagers and women in their 20s.

Are extremely high denim cut offs the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shorts? You know, the ones where there's a fear of a butt cheek slipping out while walking? Ok, so that may be an exaggeration, but there are definitely pairs I used to wear in my 20s that I now deem too short for comfort. On the other end, there are bermuda shorts that go all the way down to your knees. Though bermuda shorts are great for certain age groups and taller women, a lot of us are not 5'9". So where on earth is the middle ground? The answer is the 5 inch short! It's just the perfect mid-thigh length, not too short and not too long!