Traveling Cute and Smart. How to Pack for a Trip Efficiently

Wardrobe Stylist Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio Texas Ashley Kahn shares how to pack for a trip

When it comes to traveling, if I could pack my entire closet into one suitcase and it keep it under 50lbs, I assure you, I would. My motto used to be: “Pack everything; be ready for anything.”

I was that girl at the airport who would act super shocked when her bag weighed in at 52lbs even I knew darn well how much my bag weighed: I already had to remove 17lbs to get it down to 52lbs before I had loaded it in the car. But, I had figured if I was really friendly, smiled a lot and told a joke or two, United would still take my suitcase without charging me the extra fees. And I was correct! But, did that make it right? Not only was I manipulating airport employees to do my bidding while also potentially giving the men who handled the luggage lower spinal lumbar injuries, I was also causing myself unnecessary confusion and frustration once arriving to my destination. Instead of spending my time efficiently by sight seeing or visiting with family or friends, I was spending (and by spending I mean wasting) time trying to create an outfit for my day or evening out of a heaping mess of clothing. Not cute.

A few weeks ago, as a birthday gift, my mother took me to visit my little brother in New York City. What a great Mom right?! Before I left, I vowed my clothes-hoarding, suitcase-stuffing, airport-trickster days were over and decided to properly plan before my visit to the Big Apple. I’ll admit, I don’t give myself an A+ for my first attempt. I did, however, learn just as much from my mistakes on this trip as I did from my successes. I’ll share both and hopefully save you the trouble of having to make them yourself.

Ashley Kahn, Personal Shopper, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, DallasTexas shares how to pack efficiently for a trip