My Sort, Shop, & Style is the ideal service if you want to own efficient, easy to manage wardrobe that you absolutely love! This is the service for you if want a wardrobe that saves you time, money, and has endless outfit options! 


At least 20 cohesive outfits



A digital lookbook


Easily mix and match pieces


Save time & money

No more frutration wondering what to wear to any event! 


day one

We will start in your closet and I will get to know you and assess your current wardrobe.  I will have you share some of your favorite as well as not so favorite pieces.This will allow us to discover the fits and cuts of clothing that you both look and feel best in. From there, we will work together in deciding what to keep, alter, and donate. A shopping list that compliments your current wardrobe and lifestyle  will be made during the process.  (2 hours )


day two

Shopping made easy! I pre-shop for the perfect pieces you need beforehand, all you have to do once I’ve put them on hold is to pop into a fitting room to try them on! Each piece is pre-selected to fit within your budget and be able to mix and match with pieces already hanging in your closet, maximizing the amount of outfits we will be able to make once back at home for the styling session! (3 hours) 


day three

After we have shopped, we’ll return back to your closet and pair your old favorites with your newly bought pieces! We will style outfits all the way down to accessories and shoes, taking pictures of each look for your own personal Digital Lookbook. Whether it be work wear or girls night out, we will focus on the types of outfits you want the most. Each outfit created for you is done with your comfort and personal style  in mind! (2 hours) 

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