Smart Summer Styles with Houston Wardrobe Stylist, Ashley Kahn

I was so excited when Baybrook Mall reached out to me to join them in showing love for our educators on Teacher Appreciation Day a few weeks ago! Using fabulous clothing from Baybrook's Zara location, we set up a "Zara Style Stop" outside of a teacher's event happening on Maggiano's patio. At the style stop, I was able to share with teachers the most popular summer trends of 2018 and how to wear them. Plus, the first 30 teachers who arrived at our style stop, got a free $25 gift card to Zara! We even had one lucky teacher win a $300 dollar Zara gift card plus a complete Sort, Shop, Style session with me! I had such a blast that I had to share my experience and of course-- the biggest trends of the season with all of you! Best part? These trends are for both women, men and kids. So that means... Style for one and all!!

1. Vibrant Florals

This season's florals come in energetic and intense, multicolored prints, ranging from bold, rainbow hues to soft pastels.

The Hawaiian shirt is back my friends--and not just for your Dad!

Pants decorated in festive florals are sure to keep you up to date this summer

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2. Striking Stripes

All over streaks that make a bold statement ranging anywhere from small to extreme proportions. Whether it's day or night-- stripes never truly go out of style but they are back in a huge way this summer!

Here I am rocking stripes on both my jeans and shoes! Both amazing pieces from Zara!

Lots of people appreciated my stellar striped jeans at the event and I was more than happy to show them off!

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3. Checked Prints

Small, all over black/red and white checks are hot right now (think picnic tables and raceway flags). Larger checked prints in an array of colors are bound to turn heads too!

I'm just crazy about black and white checked pants! There are some in my closet right now!

Here's one of the lovely teachers who came to visit me way ahead of the styling game in her black and white checked ruffle sleeve dress! Doesn't she look fab!?

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4. Mixed Patterns

Mix and match, or purchase your blended print on the same piece! Combine whimsical floral, stripes, checks, patchwork and more.

Almost my entire outfit (all but my black tank and accessories) came from Zara thanks to Baybrook mall! Can you believe my jeans, sneakers, purse, and layering piece only came out to $196?! I'm totally digging my mixed prints look. It's most definitely my favorite trend of the season!

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Here are some of my favorite moments from the Teacher Appreciation Day Event. Thanks again to Baybrook mall for having me!

Another special thanks to Christine Wright of Swish and Click Photography for the amazing photos she took at this event!

Until next time,

Wear it Out!


Ashley Kahn is Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper in Houston, Texas. She helps women everyday build more versatile, efficient wardrobes that not only save them time, money, and frustration but provide outfits that leave them feeling cute, comfortable, and confident! Email her at to set up a free phone consult.


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