Rave Reviews

Love working with Ashley!

"I love working with Ashley! She's been a tremendous help with my clothes and in getting my closet in order. She's great at identifying your personal style and how you can maximize it from the clothes you already own. She's helped me recognize the styles that I love and that make me feel great so that I can make wise choices when shopping in the future. She has a great eye for color and style, so she's put together outfits from the clothes that I already have that I just didn't see on my own. She's also helped me organize my closet so that it's manageable and accessible. She is knowledgeable on fashions, trends, and stores, so she knows the best stores to find what I need for a price that fits my budget. She is flexible and easy to work with. I'd highly recommend her!" - Sarah M.

Personal Stylist Extrordinrare!

"Ashley Kahn is an amazing personal stylist! I no longer stand in my closet agonizingly asking myself, ‘what am I going to wear?’ or chose the same standard outfit I always go with, or worse, spend more money on yet another outfit. After working with Ashley, I can now put together an outfit in 5 minutes. And I can wear that same piece or pieces 3, if not 5 different ways!! I have also saved money and my closet organized and tidy
Ashley is patient, creative, knowledgeable and fun to work with. She also listens to what is important to me. 
One last note: Ashley was incredible with my clothes-hoarder husband!" - Kim. W

Jeans that saved the day!

"Ashley is awesome! I've always struggled with feeling "fatter" around my middle section. It was a huge hinderance and self conscious issue when it came to dressing. When Ashley came to help with my wardrobe, she made me feel comfortable enough to confess the struggle. Turns out, I've been wearing too low of jeans my whole life! Ashley helped me solve the issue by introducing me to high rise jeans (which are actually mid-rise on me- who knew?). My "fat" mid section days are now a thing of the past. I would have never realized it was a body type thing and not a "fat thing". You will not regret having her help you with your wardrobe!"  --Megan R. 

Fun, personable and definitely knows what she's doing in your closet!

"Ashley went above and beyond my expectations for styling! She started with in my closet and helped me clean out all the pieces I wasn't wearing so that my closet wasn't overflowing with clothes I don't wear anymore. She then went through the pieces I do wear to create different outfits that I hadn't thought to wear before. In the hour she was there, she created at least 8 new outfits from the clothes already in my closet! She also helped me create a shopping list of pieces that are missing from my wardrobe that will exponentially grow the amount of outfits I can make. Not only is Ashley helpful in styling but she made me feel super comfortable and we had so much fun while she was working! I was a little intimidated to have her come work in my closet, but she really listened to my wardrobe likes, dislikes, and concerns and styled my wardrobe accordingly. She's definitely coming back to my wardrobe soon!" - Nikki T.

An Outstanding Professional 

You will never go wrong working with Ashley. She completely changed my closet and my mindset for putting outfits together. Just an outstanding professional I truly admire!  -Carrie S. 

Ashley is Great!

Ashley is great, and so much fun! She has turned my closet into a clothing wonderland. I had no idea I had so much to wear, and what fun it would be to get dressed every morning! ~ Leigh Anne K. 

Ashley is Great!

Ashley is great, and so much fun! She has turned my closet into a clothing wonderland. I had no idea I had so much to wear, and what fun it would be to get dressed every morning! ~ Leigh Anne K. 

Highly recommend her! 

Until Ashley, I never knew how great I could look in clothes! Getting ready every morning is so easy, all the clothes she has helped me buy all mix and match with each other! With my new look, I am respected more in the office setting as well as being known as, "The stylish one"! Highly recommend her! ~ Cristina M.

Brought my existing wardrobe to life!!

"Ashley was great! I wanted a younger/fresh take on my wardrobe and boy did she bring it. We got rid of things in my closet that I was hanging on to that were dated and just didn't fit me well. What I really loved was the way she helped me make new outfits with what I already had in my closet. I She made a list of the few items I needed to round out my wardrobe and that was it. I wasn't big on accessories, but she showed me how a belt or necklace really bring the outfit together. She took photos of every outfit and I look at them on Sunday to plan what I'm going to wear all week. It's so easy and saves so much time. You will not regret spending time with Ashley." - Mary R. 

No more "it fits okay" for me!

"Even before our first session, Ashley completely changed my wardrobe. She suggested a better way to organize that made me actually want to spend time in my closest. She helped tweak this even more when she came for our first session. We spent the first few sessions in my own closet as she figured out my style and helped me create outfits (yes, plural!) with my 'hard to wear' pieces or pieces I would only wear one way. She is incredibly thorough and definitely made sure that I 100% loved the outfit before moving on to work with a different piece (even the ones she loved and I didn't). 

Through all our session, I have learned that fit is everything! If it's not a good fit then I either won't wear it or will be, and look, uncomfortable in it. With some of the pieces I had, she also helped pin them in a way that would improve the fit so I could have them tailored.

I am not a big shopper. I used to do most of my shopping online and so for me, the best part of the experience (and all sessions have been great!) is the personal shopping. She knows how to pick out options that I will love and that put fit first, which is something that I have always had issues with. I love being able to meet her at the store after she has a dressing room of clothes picked out and all I have to do is try things on. 

I have loved working with Ashley and will continue to work with her!"- Courtney R.